Designing and delivering the best land management solutions and expert service for your municipality.

From processing and tracking building permits to communication with your citizens, you need a smooth and seamless system. By pairing the Land Manager software with our expert service, you’ll save time, increase accuracy, and develop efficient workflows that promote growth for the future. Here’s how we can help you move forward with a solution tailored to your needs.


We will help you choose the right tools to meet the business needs of your municipality.

No “one size fits all” solution here. We have a unique understanding of municipal practices and have helped municipalities with distinct needs and objectives implement land management software to deliver practical outcomes for their specific needs.


Our software is developed with you in mind.

We developed Land Manager to comply with all Ontario legislation. It is pre-configured to meet the needs of our users by delivering the best in industry functionality and proven land management reliability. We can help you integrate the software with your existing business practices while considering your changing needs when adding features and making upgrades.

We are proud to now offer Land Manager as a Software-as-a-Service.


It’s as simple as logging in and getting started today!

Since Land Manager is now available as a Software-as-a-Service, your municipality can benefit from a hassle-free implementation. Our team has the experience, expertise, and technical knowledge to get you up and running as efficiently as possible while reducing unnecessary costs and saving you time.


Your staff will become experts in our software.

Land Manager is simple, straightforward, and easy to use and has been designed with user-friendly web pages. After implementation, we will work with your team to pass on our software knowledge, enabling your staff to be well-equipped for a smooth transition into using Land Manager. We offer a variety of training methods, so whether your team would prefer demos, videos, or written instruction, we can help.


We will continue to advance our software and service as your needs grow.

With our support, you can be sure you’ll stay up-to-date with regular upgrades and software updates. We will take care of all maintenance, improvements, and trouble-shooting so you can focus on serving your citizens and community. Our team of knowledgeable experts is always available to answer your questions or respond to your growing needs.

Why choose Direct IT for your land management services?

Ready to streamline land management for your municipality?

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